club penguinClub Penguin is a multi-player online game which offers exciting interaction for children between the ages of six and fourteen. The game, which was launched by the Club Penguin Entertainment Group in 2005, has been in the hands and development of the Walt Disney Company for quite some time; they bought it in the year 2007. It involves children with exciting characters and a Disney feel. The game is available in multiple languages, and has both free and paid membership versions for players.

About the game:

In Club Penguin, kids get to choose from multiple cartoon penguins and give a customized look to their online characters. They can then buy different food items, household items, and other things they need to take care of their pets, known called Puffies. If players fail to keep their pets safe, it results in the loss of money as well as causes the penguins to run away. The game often introduces special holiday themes for Christmas and Halloween, allowing players to buy cool gifts for their cartoon penguins. However, these themes are available only to paid members. Features like chat boxes allow players to interact with each other about their game play, and there are beautiful emoticons which makes chatting more fun and enjoyable for children.

Benefits of the game:

The developers at Walt Disney are constantly on their toes to introduce new phases of the game and to maintain the innocent theme of the site for the children. Some of the benefits of Club Penguin include:

  • The chat system is safely maintained for players, as every comment is carefully scanned and filtered before being posted.
  • Personal information of the players is highly guarded. Details of a player, even gender details, are not shared either in the site or the chat box.
  • The website has a special section for parents where they are encouraged to be actively involved in the online activity of their children.
  • The information about any children collected is maintained and safeguarded under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

About the gaming website:

The Club Penguin interactive game aloso gives children a chance to earn money for charity. The site has a ‘Coins for Change’ program where the coins earned by players can be donated to real-life charitable organizations. This initiative is to develop kids’ understanding of the basics of charity and helping others. The game also helps develop childrens’ math and reading skills with the various games and features available. There’s even the Club Penguin Times, which is a virtual newspaper encouraging children to regularly post their writing, jokes and artwork forms.

Club Penguin Money Maker

There is a very popular hack to this game called the Club Penguin Money Maker, which allows players to create their own virtual coins and add them to their game account. It lets people quickly accumulate the coins they need to buy food and other items for game play, and can make a gaming session much more enjoyable. The Club Penguin Money Maker can be found at reputable gamer and hack sites, but be sure you’re familiar with the site you’re downloading from, since there have been instances of corrupted or infected software found at rogue sites. We personally rely on to get our hacks for this game.

What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is an online internet based game designed for children and owned by Disney. It was launched in the year 2005 and is very famous among younger kids because it is safe and full of fun. The site design and color combinations give a Disney cartoon looking feeling. Children can select from the cartoon penguins to suit their character and personality. They can access the game online for free however it limits their activities to a certain level as compared to the access they could get in the virtual world. A paid membership allows access to the complete games; participation in different missions, themed parties and events etc. Club Penguin Island is the area where the game is played. As a penguin you can move around from place to place collecting clothes and other fun items to customize your look. The game includes a lot of cheats and secrets which makes it exciting for the kids.

Coin is the main currency for the game. Club Penguin Coins obtained during the game have coin codes which can be used to redeem items found on the Club Penguin merchandise. The maximum amount of coins one can earn is $ 1Mn (1 Million).

How to earn coins?

  • Games such as Cart Surfer, Puffle Round Up and Pizza Tron 3000 are helpful for earning Club Penguin coins This is the time when a lot of cheats and secrets are used.
  • 500 coins can be earned each time a Penguin is created.
  • 100 to 5000 can be obtained by entering club penguin codes.
  • Coins can be obtained by playing single or multiplayer games such as Sled Racing, Ice Fishing, Jet Pack adventure, Hydro Hopper, Bean counters, Smoothie smash, Mancala, Dance contest, Astro Barrier, Cart Surfer, Spy Drills and many more.
  • Coins can also be gathered by digging the Gold mines, Cave mines and Dino digs.
  • 10,000 coins will be awarded to you if selected in a competition. These competitions include Igloo designing, clothing and scripture competition.
  • By being a tour guide you can earn up to 250 coins for every job.
  • A “ten” coin can be obtained from games like Jet Pack Adventure or Jet Pack Boost.

coins for changeWhat can you buy with the coins?

There are various merchandise and gift items that you can buy using the coins which you have won in the game. You can utilize the coins for buying colors for Penguins or to buy player card backgrounds – these are special images designed to decorate Penguin cards and these are available in Snow and Sports backgrounds. You can also buy many other things for your game like-

  • Flag – flags are nothing but pins which the Penguins buy mostly to show their country of origin or residence. Both members and non-members can buy these flags
  • Red or Blue Puffles – these are small furry limbless creatures which can be adopted as pets
  • Postcards – this allows Penguins to send postcard messages to buddies even when they are offline or receive postcards from Puffles when they are hungry.
  • Coins can also be used to buy food and bathing necessities for Puffles.
  • Donations for events – it is an online charity where players donate their coins for real world charitable causes.
  • Lighthouse Donations – Penguins could donate coins for construction of Lighthouse and Beacon.
  • To buy clothes for non-members – non-members can obtain party items, clothing items and also unlock Treasure Book.

Parents can help their children to have fun and exciting experience with the snowy covered island of the Penguin world.

Kids nowadays grasp things very fast and get adapted to newer technologies faster than the parent generation. You show them touch screen mobiles once, they will start using it the next moment. Considering this fact many online games have been developed for entertaining as well as teaching kids via fun. There are numerous websites available for online games for kids of all ages and you can find them easily if you search on internet.

There are various categories of such games depending upon age group as well as gender. For preschoolers, parents can find ABC games, tic tack toe, bouncing balls and many more. These games keep kids engaged and help them in learning important skills at very young age. Parents with preschool kids are always in search of toys and games that will keep their kid busy. Such toys are most of the time costly and don’t keep kid interested for long. Online kids games have always crossed this barrier and helped parents as well as their kids.

It takes a lot of efforts to groom preschoolers and introduce them to all preschool concepts. Online games help them in letter recognition, phonetics, number identification and many such concepts. These games are easy to play and help child develop his cognitive power and soft skills.

Where to find best online games for kids?

Though online games have kept their promise of entertainment and learning throughout, parents are not sure about where to find such games appropriate to their kids’ age. Moreover they worry about which sites are safe and which games are best. But it is not at all tedious to find the best sites for such games. Websites which have comprehensive collection of interactive and fruitful games for all age groups are always the best sites. Such sites have games for preschoolers, kindergarten kids and 1st to 6th grade kids.

They also have variety of games like subject wise games for maths, history, science and English. Along with these many sites also offer games like word games, animal games, spelling games, reading games etc. For example Knowledge Adventure is one such site which hosts vast collection of online games that help your child learn with fun. You can also play with your kids online and be part of their learning process.

Advantages of online games

  • Simple and easy to understand and play
  • Keep kids engaged while teaching them various things via fun
  • These games are interactive, enjoyable and help child learn critical skills
  • Boosts their creativity
  • They are free of cost and available all the time

Besides pure educational online kids games, there are many fun games too which include coordination games, races, jig saw puzzles, spot the difference, Barbie games, makeover, dressing, sports and action games. Girls normally enjoy Barbie and other dressing games while boys enjoy racing and action games. is one such website which hosts all kinds of games under one roof.

Finding best site for online games for kids assures all parents that their children are spending productive time on computer and expanding their learning curve.

FrozenDisney movies hold an important place in the hearts of movie lovers – everyone loves to travel to wonderful and imaginary worlds for magical adventures. These movies are thus much like the escape from the reality and a peep into the world where everything has a happy ending. The characters and stories are appealing to people of all ages. The children love the simplicity of the fairytales and the adults love to return back in time of their childhood and enjoy these movies with little children.

Among many Disney movies, Frozen has stolen the hearts of many and it has become the most popular Disney movie of all time by answering the query is Disney’s Frozen the biggest movie of all time. Though having a predictable happy ending it has many surprise elements that have turned the people wow. It is cartoon film with adventure fun and comedy. It is based on the story “The Snow Queen”.

Some of the reasons discussed why Disney Frozen became popular

Some tear provoking scenes

That is the key element of any Disney movie. The plot is arranged in a way that it brings pathos. Though the characters are all represented in form of cartoons the engaging plot of Frozen has made the audience ask for tissue every time. The characters are lovable and thus get easily attached with the audience. The struggles of Anna and Elsa in Frozen were simply mesmerizing to watch.

Visually appealing

A Disney movie depends on its visuals. The characters become more real like with animation and expressions that are portrayed through the visuals. Frozen has beautiful stills and the animations flow with the plot smoothly.


The name speaks all. Those who have seen the movie will agree to the fact that Olaf is the character that everyone laughs. He has captured the screen and heart the same time. He is the cute adorable snowman for whom the audience has gone gaga. He is the fun element who is loyal, funny, sarcastic and optimistic. Olaf is the comic relief which everyone has looked upon. He is the ray of light that spreads positivity across the screen. Thus, the more you say about Olaf, it seems less.


The character Anna is not like the usual characters that are seen in Disney movies. She is not perfect but much like human has flaws and has touched hearts with her imperfect uniqueness. She is not like the Barbie or the perfect princess. She is naïve, unsure, funny and clumsy. These characteristics have made her relatable.

Lesson depicted

The movie depicts the importance of love. By love it is not about romantic love but love that heals and brings people close to each other. It sends the message everything can be conquered by love.

Plot and music

The plot is engaging without doubt. The music and the background score have given the perfect setting to the movie.

The movie brings in the hidden child in us. As adults grow they forget to have a closer look to the little happiness that lies around and movies like these remind that everyone needs to pamper the child that is present inside the heart.

free merchandiseIt is said that opportunity favors not the wealthy but the resourceful. If you are resourceful and knowledgeable enough then you can get free gadgets, travel, entertainment and other merchandise. You just have to be smart by knowing some simple tricks and methods. Every one of us is fond of getting things for free. As a child, you might have felt ecstatic when you got even a free tattoo with your favorite chocolate but as a grown up, you tend to desire things which are absolutely free. You can use online hacks to get free merchandise easily.

  • How to acquire merchandise for free?

Have you ever thought that you can get gadgets for free? Of course, you cannot expect to get the latest iPhone 6 for free; you may have to negotiate with what you want but you may end up in finding a better product than you expected. It is quite easy to acquire gadgets, books and other free merchandise if you know some of the smart tricks.

  • Write helpful product review

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  • Introductory sites and products

By smart surfing of internet, you may come across many introductory online shopping sites and products. These new sites often offer something or the other for free as introductory products in the form of samples to gain more traffic. Sign up into those sites before the offer ends. You may have to face disturbing email and message alerts about the updates in the website but it is still worth of the free samples you get. You may sign in with different names and contact details of your friends and relatives and keep enjoying the samples for free.

  • Publicize referral links on Google

The affiliate programs of various sites can provide you credit towards their products by referring it to people you know. You will be able to earn a lot of credit if you know many people. You can use this credit to get certain products for free or in a minimal amount.


You can get free items on various websites which are offers old product for free. New products may have created hype but you may find some old product to be extremely useful. You will be able to acquire new products for free as well by the methods discussed above.